The Life and Mystery of First Officer William Murdoch

The Shootings on the Titanic
by George Jacub


By Dan Parkes

As a journalist with almost 30 years experience, 13 in newspapers and 16 in television news and current affairs George Jacub describes himself as "well placed to unravel stories of the Titanic which have gone untold for almost a century."

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he has been writing a blog entitled "Titanic's Secrets Unfold" ( since 2009. Articles include topics such as "the most complete boat list in existence with which I can tell you, with graduated levels of confidence, how 89 percent of the Titanic survivors escaped death."

One series of articles that took my attention is entitled "The Shootings on the Titanic" in which Jacub examines all known shooting accounts, putting them in chronological order over the course of six articles published during 2013 and 2014.

Some of his conclusions are sure to be controversial: "I can tell you where the shootings took place on the Titanic and in some cases I can name the men who were shot." Further than that he estimates that in total 27 men were shot in at least 16 different incidents, including Fifth Officer Lowe shooting a man. He also states that there was no shooting at Collapsible A and that "at least two of Titanic's crew were shot dead, one by a passenger."

The author of this Wiliam Murdoch website does not necessarily agree with all of Jacub's conclusions but the depth of his research and the number of accounts is compelling and worthy of consideration. With his permission I am pleased to be able to publish all six unedited articles.