The Life and Mystery of First Officer William Murdoch
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The First Titanic Film

The first actress to star as a Titanic
passenger in a film was as real as
you could get: 22 year-old survivor
Dorothy Gibson,rescued in No.7,
launched by Murdoch.

The story of Titanic, synonymous with legendary hubris, bravery and irony in the face of disaster, was a logical source of material for film makers. The first, Saved from the Titanic was made shortly after the tragedy and starred survivor Miss Dorothy Gibson. Traveling in First Class, the 22 year-old actress escaped aboard No.7, the first lifeboat launched - under the command of First Officer Murdoch. She appears in the silent film wearing the same dress she wore the night Titanic sunk.

Dorothy Gibson in a promotional
photo for Saved From the Titanic (Click image to enlarge)

A Celluloid Portrayal

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